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Crystal Healing


Vibrational Healing Through The Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aroma-therapy by Joy Gardner-Gordon The Crystal Bible
by Judy Hall

Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphaell

Crystal Therapy
by Doreen Virtue


Doreen Virtue is one of the authorities on Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Pack by Judy Hall Good as introduction:
"Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook " by Michael Gienger



Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals are healing entities in their own right. The can offer tremendous solace or encourage you on to action.

Each has its own properties, vibrations and purpose in healing. The healing power of Rose Quartz is undisputed, however there are many other crystals whose usefulness is yet to be uncovered... by you. A worthwhile study topic, and you can find many articles on crystal healing and crystal healing grids, and the healing powers of crystals on the blog.

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