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Space Clearing

This is my catch-all name for my reiki sessions whereby I do environmental energy clearing, Feng Shui, and spirit removal if needed.

Why is it important?

You breath in the air around you. You're exposed to the vibes in your environment. To live a happy, healthy life, ensure your environment is 'clean' and 'attuned' to the power of Feng Shui.

Clearing your own clutter is usually step one. Step two might be the placement of objects according to the bagua and to counterbalance particulars of your home or work environment.

Then, asking a professional to help you with space clearing is particularly useful after changes: a parting of the ways between people, a break-up, a divorce, a housemate moving, etc. For older home, it is useful to clear out old, old energy as well.

For more info, visit my spaceclearing page.

Feng Shui Books that are Great Self-Help Books as a prep for space clearing:


Feng Shui Demystified

by Clear Englebert

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
by Karen Kingston

These are two of my favorite books on space clearing / Feng shui for beginners, and I think that you too will love the results of merely working with these books.

Whether you want to start with the books, or start with some help from me, it is generally an excellent method to achieve a lot when you augment your own personal work in this area with a spaceclearing - session from mei


As a spaceclearing client, you will receive a list of Feng Shui & other* solutions for your home, as well as a beautifully healed home environment. I can also do a Feng Shui chart of your home, as you wish, for an additional fee.

* clairvoyant messages can not be guaranteed as they may not be always needed. However, I complement the space clearing with Feng Shui insights. Everyone get personalized ideas as well as a spaceclearing. is the site of Reiki Master Teacher Astrid Lee: Vancouver, Canada // Reiki Rome Nepi Monterosi Trevignano Olgiata Formello, Italy.

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