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Encyclopedia of Spiritualism
Portal related alternative therapy, disease, spiritual, religious, tantra, mantra, yantra, upnishad, purana and vada.

Art of Living Foundation
The Art of Living Foundation is an NGO and works to bring people together through increasing awareness of Human values, harmony in diversity, community development and conflict resolution programs. Our unique art of living course combines ancient wisdom, yoga, prayanams, and the power of the breath with the Sudarshan Kriya to increase awareness, reduce stress, promote mental & physical well being, and add Joy, Enthusiasm and Celebration to Life.

Celestopea Artistic Communities of Light
Changing the World with Harmony elestopea is a non-profit organ- ization dedicated to creating eco-friendly, sustainable, spiritual, commun-ities on land and sea for artists ,

Godserver: Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory...
Your one stop resource to alternative health, spirituality, world religions, paranormal phenomena, astrology, angels, occult, new age music, meditation, poetry, vegetarian food, new age market place and yoga. New Feature!! Site of the Month: SriChinmoy.Org. ,

Inspiration, Motivation, Spiritual Growth & Development...
Wings for the Heart is a soothing oasis for the weary soul. Browse our inspirational and motivational articles, quotes, and eBooks for some uplifting, positive thoughts. Learn more about spiritual topics like meditation, angels & spirit guides, psychic development, spiritual protection and more. Join our Spiritual Development discussion group to share with like-minded folk, or read my Spiritual Development blog and join me on a journey to Spirit. Browse around, learn, grow, BE. Always remember that you are loved.

The Lotus and the Frog - Center for Spiritual Growth and Development
Reiki, Yoga, Aura Readings, Naturopathic Healing, Psychic Readings, Feng Shui and More! We have everything you need to promote your spiritual growth and development, as well as your mental and physical health

New Age Spiritual Growth EBooks Free EBooks - Webspirit
New Age Spiritual Growth EBooks Free EBooks - Webspirit Meditation, Advaita, Self-inquiry, Enlightenment...
Techniques for finding enlightenment including yoga, meditation, self-enquiry, discrimination, Kundalini, and surrender.

Sacred Imagination...
A women's center for creativity and spirituality, hosted by Dana Reynolds,

Self-Healing Expressions - spiritual healing, new age healing, holistic health, holistic education...
Self-Healing Expressions provides spiritual healing, new age gifts, guided meditation and holistic education through courses dealing with alternative healing, new age healing, holistic health and healing prayer,

Shamanic healing light center - The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge...
Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center that practices shamanic energy healing including ceremonial ritual and esoteric and magickal exploration

Center of Divinity
Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine, links
Spiritual Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, new thought, and metaphysics.

The EarthSpirit Community...
The EarthSpirit Community a network of Pagans and others following an Earth-centered tradition. Events, music, festivals, newsletter, magazine, and chant library

Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe: Westgate House
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. These ideas include alchemy, paradoxical thinking, and meditation.

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