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Suggested Tai Chi DVD

Tai Chi in a Chair

by Cindy Mason


A friend of mine made this DVD and it took me at least a year to get around to even look at it. But when I DID, I LOVED IT!!!

It's a ** real ** energy booster. Doing these exercises gave me lots of energy. I did it when I was not feeling a bit sick, and frankly, I had to pace yourself. So, stop when you need to.

I recommended this DVD to an ongoing client who hurt her leg one day. Rather than feeling the pain, the only thing she could think was 'oh now I'm going to get fat'.

Well, with her Reiki treatments she recovered remarkably fast, and in the meanwhile: this DVD kept her slim! She loved it so much, she's getting her own copy.

This DVD is well worth a try! Yes, I know at US$30 it's a tat pricey for a DVD, but actually considering the health benefits, it's well worth it!



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Cindy's Site
Website of Registered Massage Therapist, Healer and Tai Chi Instructor Cindy Mason

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