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Intervista Recente Pubblicazione Italiana sul Reiki e me

Intervista Pubblicazione Canadese sul Reiki e me

1-Minuto-Podcast: 'Come Aiutare la Guarigione dell'Umanità'

Astrid Lee is an excellent Certified Reiki Master, highly recommended by her clients.



Feedback sul trattamento di Reikia distanza (clicca qui)


Feedback sul trattamento in-persona è sotto:

"Astrid is a very professional and excellent Reiki practioner. She gave me a very powerful treatment and I felt the energy flowing through all parts of my body. My body started to release (toxins?) within minutes and it continued throughout the next day!"

"Her Reiki helps me with my back issues and with gaining clearer inner-vision. Plus, her intuition is very strong and she provides practical messages. I am definitely continuing my sessions with her."

Current client who comes in weekly for health maintenance treatments/ deal with health & emotional issues when they arise.

"I had headaches everyday during a week despite of the medicine I took, until the session Astrid gave to me. It is the 3rd day I do not have any headaches. It is so GOOD!

After each session with Astrid, I also feel relieved and lighter as if life is easier and as if the problems seem to be smaller and manageable!

And your mind stop spinning, it feels so relaxing and peacefull. Astrid is amazing how she helps you by practising Reiki on you. Reiki is good investment for your well being!"

Client who has been successfully treated for head aches, insecurity, and an immobilizingly painful jealousy.

"I always feel great, lighter and taller after treatment". Client who has started addressing her long-standing family issues

"It was great! " "That was excellent". Client who has been receiving bi-weekly treatments

This long testimonial below is from someone who had dislocated his finger. He was in pain & needed surgery. In a series of Reiki treatments we worked on whatever issue emerged (besides the thumb). Now 4 months, he can use his hand again, is well, and has no more pain. No surgery.

Did you enjoy the Reiki treatment you received? "She is one an amazing woman... Miracles and EASE occur all and EVERYTIME after her TREATMENTS...."

What was good about the Treatment? "Creating Siddhi Conciousness and Christ/Buddha conciousness in all of her Teachings and Treatments; VERY well-DONE.

The after-effects are amazing with her love and sunshine ways! Great woman who Cares about her patients needs and wishes to see them heal....

EVEN GREAT intentions in HEALING the HAND have happenend having BEEN working together... She made it possible, because we both Know God worked through us and we Created the Healing of the Hand Together... GREAT TEAM work ....REALLY amazing and soo happy afterwards too...

So many emotions are healed with her intentions and loving Reiki Touch. She CAN BE trusted with ANYONE!!!

Anything to Change? It is PERFECT!!!!!

Most profound Healing Manifestation? Healing of my hand.

Would you recommend Astrid's Reiki treatments to others? I will most Definitely.

Other comments? You are doing VERY WELL!! Keep Moving Forward.... and Keep Loving Freely with God Divine within you... You are amazing.... I love you for this Energy you give.... Just KEEP it coming even at the worst of times....

Love and Light, PETER 'Bringing People Together' TM

Il Feedback Dai Clienti (continua)

Feedback sul trattamento a casa 'Be in Bliss'

The 'Be In Bliss'- package is to recharge you & your home, clearing negative energy, and healing people living in it, improving their health and outlook.

This is an excellent account of what 'Being in Bliss' is. Prior to treatment, the couple had sleeping problems, one person had seizures triggered by a recent, violent attempt to break-and-enter into their home.

"I had so much fun on my walk home yesterday. It was raining and I decided to walk home without my umbrella. 25 minute walk and needless to say I was soaked through, but it was soooo invigorating.

I stopped in quickly at a Chinese grocery to buy tomatoes, cilantro and limes. While I was standing at the till waiting to pay...
the neatest sensation came over me.

It felt like I was outside even though I was inside. (like being unconfined within physical space) Anyways I had my debit card out and the terminal went wonky and on the screen it said (NO SALE). The lady gave me my groceries and says 'thank you' and put it in my hands. I looked at her with eye brows raised, and she just nodded her head like it's ok go ahead. Free groceries? Score!

So I proceeded to walk across the street to T. <my neigborhood> where I live, and as soon as I get to my building... I look up and what do I see?

The most incredible rainbow!!! A perfect arch of the purest prism laid out right before my eyes ~ I literally gasped in sheer delight! I was stopped in my tracks for 6 minutes taking in the sun/rain/light event juxtaposed against the urban industrial setting. Honestly, I couldn't believe that the other people walking around me seemed to not even notice the splendor, I kind of wondered if it was only there for me?!

Anyways I finally get to my place. I wasn't expecting to see S. <my partner> home from work until 7:00 pm and had planned to surprise him by making his favorite Mexican dish. This is why I stopped to buy groceries in the first place. I get in the door...who do I see? S. sitting in the bedroom folding laundry with the sun shining all over him! My partner had finished work early and had tidied up the whole house before I got there!
It was such a Lucky day.

Dear Astrid, this positive flow happened very shortly after my home session with you. Our house feels so warm and nice and both S. and I feel good about the future. You are truly gifted and charmed. I highly recommend your couples bliss package, it has truly allowed for positivity to enter as needed for my partner and I.

Thank you very much, V.'


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