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world healing blog

We Are One
World Healing Sessions

Reiki Vancouver To help heal ALL people on Earth, I invite all of you who are aware of your own personal healing power to join our monthly World Healing Energy sessions, whereby we collectively send loving, healing energy to all people, animals, etc, and our beloved planet Earth itself.


Heal our world!    **  Image copyright A Lee, 2006

We Are One World Healing - Objectives

  • Faster healing and resolution of long outstanding health and well-being issues among us people with food for everyone, proper distribution of wealth, equality among people, peace, respect, sanitation, basic health care for all, literacy, cures for cancers, AIDS & similar illnesses, and of course a great well-being of the planet itself, and anything else that needs healing, being healed.
  • In fact, rather than that we specify particular issues, it is important to let the healing energy work on whatever it needs to work on.
  • Increased awareness of participants and observers of this monthly event, that WE ARE ALL ONE.
  • Giving rise to the realization that giving out unconditional love is essential, and the greatest benefactor will be you, the giver.

Progressive Schedule (2007)

    The scheduled one-hour sessions are on full(ish) moon times (dates based on EST):

  • April 2
  • May 2
  • May 31 (Blue Moon)
  • June 30
  • July 29
  • Aug 28
  • Sep 26
  • Oct 26
  • Nov 24
  • Dec 23

For 2008 schedule, see blog


Times for World Healing 2008

Time & Location

7-8 AM ------------------ Hawaii, US

9-10 AM PST ------------ LA|San Francisco, US; Vancouver, Canada

11-12 NOON CENTRAL ------ Chicago, US

12-1 PM EST ------------- New York, US; Montreal, Canada; Chile

5-6 PM ------------------ London, UK

6-7 PM ------------------ Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France

7-8 PM ------------------ Kenya

8-9 PM ------------------ Mauritius

9.30-10.30 PM ----------- Mumbai, India


12 -1 AM (Bangkok, Thailand)

1-2 AM ------------------ Hong Kong, China

2 AM -------------------- Sydney, Australia

3 AM -------------------- Tokyo, Japan

Time in more cities ...

Full Moons

The days called 'full moon' differs in various parts of the planet. We stick to healing all sentient beings on planet Earth at the same time, to strengthen the cumulated benefits of the joint-intention. And, we all benefit energetically from the fullness of the moon, regardless of the exact day.


Future planning

Re. times/dates: depending on where actually registered participants are located, we may rotate the healing session times year by year so that the 'convenient' times will be in Asia instead for 2009, and so on.


Creating Healing Synergy

Reiki Vancouver The synergistic power of group meditation and healing sessions has been well documented in many independent studies.

By joining forces, we hope to create monthly tidal waves of good for all, each wave building upon the previous ones.


Method for Participation

  • Create sacred space with a candle, incense or whatever is appropriate for you. Perhaps just close your eyes.
  • Meditate on pure intention for World Healing.
  • Then join in.
  • Depending upon your healing background, most of us can simply send pure thought of love (positive energy) for all people & Earth, others can pray, and healing professionals can send Reiki or other healing energy to our 6+ billion people and Earth.

What to Expect
from your participation in
We Are One World Healing

Reiki VancouverExpect our joint-healing to actually have an impact, and look for and record results as you are aware of them. Also, be prepared for receiving your own healing as a result of this.

If you're new to energy work, or have limited at the designated hour, then do feel free to contribute as much time as you can, 10 minutes is better than nothing. There is no need to exhaust yourself. Gradually work up to an hour if you prefer. Just let this monthly activity flow into your life as a rest-point, a highlight, and the right thing to do.


World Healing Stories

Click here to read about others' experiences
... and submit your own world healing story on the blog.

  • What happened to you during/after your session?
  • What did you become aware of?
  • What did you see?


    One world!    **  Image copyright A Lee, 2007


    Healing Participants' List

    Reiki Vancouver To encourage and empower you to join in, have a look at the World Healings Participants' List.


    Join !!!

    If you'd like to be named as a participant in these healing events, use the button on the top left of this page. I like it if you mention if you are a Reiki Master/ other healing professional, how you found me, etc.



    Link to this page from your website so that others become aware that world healing is the work of us all, and that participation is possible from wherever you are, no matter who you are.


    Can't make time? Support this initiative by making a donation, so you can enjoy the joy of giving too. My Buddhist center has a sign that says that he donor of the monk's food is intricably related to the monk's work and they be blessed together.

    Donors Get FREE Distance Healing

    Reiki Vancouver



    'Be the flapping butterfly wing
    that creates a wave of unconditional love
    on the other end of the planet'.

    Namaste, Astrid Lee,
    Initiative Founder

    We Are One World Healing

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